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    zyl residual chlorine meter is used for detecting residual chlorine concentration of domestic or industrial water in large, medium and small water plants, industrial and mining enterprises, swimming pools, etc., so as to control residual chlorine of water to meet the specified water quality standard.

    advantages: small size, easy to carry, low requirements for users, and reliable test results.

    technical indicators:

    1. measurement range: 0-10mg/l

    2. power supply voltage:

    portable: 1.5v x 5 aa alkaline dry batteries,

    ac 220v/50hz/ dc7.5v / 0.2a power adapter for automatic shutdown and ac/dc.

    desktop: ac 220v/50hz

    3. resolution: 0.01mg/l

    4. repeatability: 1%

    5. linear error: / - (5% fs 1 word)