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a. an overview of the

jfs-750 multi-purpose test disperser is a new type of environmental protection laboratory product designed and developed by our factory with the latest technology at home and abroad. the product integrates the functions of mixing, sand grinding and dispersing for various purposes, and is the most ideal experimental equipment for laboratory personnel.

this equipment uses frequency conversion motor, it has the advantages of small volume, low noise, no commutation interference, no carbon brush mechanical wear and so on. it can adapt to different test requirements in the laboratory, and can directly calculate the relationship between the linear velocity of stirring, dispersing and sanding blades, material viscosity and chemical reaction rate according to the displayed rotation speed, providing correct data for mass production.

ii. main technical parameters

motor type: jfs-750 (750w 220v 50hz)

2. adjustment range: 60-8000r/min variable frequency speed regulation

3. the stirring dispersion impeller diameter: ¢6 mm; 8 mm ¢

4. sand mill diameter: ¢60 mm;

5. lifting stroke: 200mm

6. external dimension: 400 x 450 x 800mm

structure of three.

1. the machine adopts dual-axis constant force lifting system, which is convenient for lifting.

2. adopt a new type of frequency conversion motor and implement stepless speed regulation on the motor through an intelligent frequency conversion controller. digital pid technology is applied to control high accuracy, and 4-bit digital tube directly displays spindle speed.

3. the dispersed impeller and sanded impeller are directly connected to the rotating shaft by screws.

4. the material barrel is fixed by the left and right clamps, and the barrel body adopts the clip-on structure, which can be processed with stainless steel through cooling water.

4. install

1. install the two clamping devices respectively on the fixed frame, and the clamping bar plane is upward.

2. fix the stainless steel cylinder in the clamping device, and the cylinder cover hole is consistent with the motor shaft.

use and maintenance

1. when using, fix the selected grinding impeller or dispersed impeller with the rotating shaft.

2. lock the bolt of the rotating motor, adjust the height and height of the rotating shaft and the container, clamp the motor seat and the container, put the materials and cover the container.

3. turn on the power, turn on the power switch, and wait until the initialization of the controller is finished. the four-digit digital tube displays 0.0, and then adjust the speed to the required speed.

5. it is not suitable to drive an empty car when the speed is higher than 4000r/min.

six. operational guidelines for school official cites use

1. plug in the power and the instrument shows normal.

turn the potentiometer knob to the left.

3. press the "run" button on the panel, and the motor is ready to run.

4. adjust the potentiometer knob to the required speed. (you can also press the word or thumbs button up to the desired speed.)

5. press the "stop" button to stop the motor.

seven. key description of frequency conversion controller

data: click this button to switch between measured values such as speed, frequency, voltage and temperature;

run: run the button;

stop: stop the button;

pro: programming settings button;

◀ : programming, numerical left button;

click: numeric rising button;

value drop button;

this is a simple explanation for entry level use. refer to the instruction manual of frequency conversion controller for the missing part.

eight. packing list :1 machine; 1 machine; 2 machine; 1 machine; 3 material barrel; 1 machine cover; 4 machine; 4 grinding disc; 5 grinding wheel; 5 dispersing and stirring impeller; 6 machine governor; 7 clamping device; 8 machine instruction