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the working principle of

this equipment adopts electronic constant force speed regulating line, digital directly shows the rotating shaft speed. it can adapt to different test requirements in the laboratory, and can directly calculate the relationship between stirring, dispersing, linear speed and chemical reaction rate according to the speed of rotation axis, so as to provide correct process data for mass production.

driven by the high speed of the motor, the stirring head of the machine produces high speed of rotary tangential line. under the action of huge centrifugal force, the material produces strong hydraulic shear and high frequency mechanical effect, which makes the fluid material bear thousands of shear and high frequency mechanical effect per minute, thus achieving efficiency mixing, dispersion and efficiency.

scope of application and main technical parameters

this machine is suitable for testing liquid material in container.

main technical parameters:







the output power

60 w

90 w.

120 w.

200 w.

300 w.

rated voltage/frequency

50 hz, 220 v

speed range

100-2000r/min, 100-3000r/min, 100-4000r/min (optional)

stir bar

¢8 x 300 mm (stainless steel mixing slurry)

shape size of mixer

(length x width x height)

350 * 250 * 750 mm

the net weight

12 kg

13 kg

13.5 kg

14 kg

14.5 kg

the main structure

the machine is mainly composed of the following parts:

1, motor

2. intelligent control instrument (touch key, control speed and timing function at will)

3. stainless steel stirring rod

open supports.

5. fixed clamps and universal clamps