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    apply to measure textile square gram weight when sampling use, sampling area: 100cm2, cut sample uses electronic balance to weigh out gram weight, again *100 is the gram weight of a square metre of textile, very convenient!


    1. lay the fabric to be cut on the rubber mat, put the disc sampler on the fabric, pull out the lock on the sampler, rotate about 90 degrees, hold the outer cover with one hand, hold the corrugated handwheel with the other hand, apply some pressure, and then rotate the corrugated handwheel clockwise (the rotation angle is greater than 90 degrees) to cut the round sample.

    2. after the sampler is used, tighten the device and rotate it to the original position, so that the blade cannot be exposed to avoid hurting hands and other articles.

    structure and adjustment

    1, cutter blade for double blade, a total of four pieces of circular external fours uniform, the blade can be replaced, specific operation is: loosen the cross screw (there are four screws on each piece), remove the blade clamp and sampling blade, change a new blade, blade clamp pressure, pay attention to the blade mouth to clockwise tangential, and four pieces of blade in the same plane, then tighten the cross screw.

    2. there are straight marks on the bottom of the instrument, which are used to fix the sample, facilitate cutting and prevent sample slipping.

    matters needing attention:

    1. the blade of this instrument has a sharp edge. do not put your hand on the bottom to avoid damage.

    2. the sample of instrument cutting should be made on the rubber pad. wipe the instrument clean when not in use and put it in the instrument box to avoid damage.