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pxs-cu copper ion concentration meter is designed to measure the copper ion content in aqueous solution. it can be used to measure the copper ion concentration (or activity) in natural water and industrial drainage, etc. in institutions of higher learning, scientific research structure, petrochemical industry, microelectronics and other departments.

characteristics of instrument

pxs-cu copper ion concentrator is produced by using scm technology to make operation simple and convenient, and the digital display is intuitive and correct.

instrument has manual temperature compensation and automatic temperature compensation functions (when the temperature electrode is connected, the instrument enters automatic temperature compensation and displays the current temperature; when the temperature electrode is not connected, the instrument enters the manual temperature compensation, and the instrument displays the manual temperature setting value. the temperature electrode belongs to the selective key. if the user needs it, it should be presented when ordering.

instrument has the display function of copper ion concentration value [cu] besides pcu value.

instruments are beautiful and lightweight.

main technical parameters

3.1 measurement range:

a) pcu value :(3.00 ~ 7.00) pcu;

b) cu concentration: 6.35 mg/l ~ 63.5mg/l.

c) mv value :(-1800 ~ 1800) mv.

3.2 defense rate: 0.01 pcu

3.3 basic error of electronic unit: / - 0.02pcu / - 1 word.

3.4 basic error of the instrument: 0.05pcu.

calculation error of pcu value ~ [cu ] concentration value conversion: / - 0.3%(reading).

3.6 instrument repeatability error: no more than 0.03pcu / - 1 word.

3.7 temperature compensation range test solution (5.0 ~ 50.0) ℃

3.8 stability of electronic unit: / 0.02pcu /3h

3.9 normal working conditions of the instrument:

a) the environment temperature (5 ~ 40 ℃;

b) relative humidity: no more than 80%;

c) power supply: ac 220v plus or minus 22v; frequency of 50 1 hz

d) no other magnetic field interference other than the earth's magnetic field;

e) no significant vibration.

3.10 dimensions: 1 x b x h, mm: 210 x 190 x 80

weight: 1.5kg