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on-line ph meter ph-110


ph-110 industrial ph meter is an intelligent upgrade product of industrial ph meter, which can continuously measure and control the ph value of sewage. this device is applicable to urban sewage treatment plants, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, paper making, pharmacy, electroplating and environmental protection.

according to the water industry environment and characteristics combined with the international power supply standard, the electrical design specification of special environment was taken into consideration, and 220v ac and safe low-voltage 24v ac and 24v dc power supply options were added.

main features of this product:

& sup2; factory standard configuration chinese interface, language menu, can switch between english and chinese

& sup2; can carry out ph/orp measurement, upper and lower limit control, current output, digital communication

& sup2; can be set to automatic temperature compensation or manual compensation

& sup2; ph high limit alarm, low limit double circuit relay, delay can be adjusted freely

& sup2; instrument mode isolator port, maximum loop resistance greater than 300ω

& sup2; audio alarm can be switched on and off via interface options

& sup2; lcd backlight can choose energy - saving mode, time automatically shut down

& sup2; high performance cpu, good electromagnetic compatibility

& sup2; password management function to prevent non-professional staff of the wrong operation

ii. main technical indicators

measurement range: ph(0 – 14 ph); orp(-1900 - 1900 mv)

accuracy: 0.02 ph; 1 mv

resolution: 0.01ph; 1 mv

stability: ≤ ph /24 hours; & le; 3 mv / 24 hours

ph standard solution: 4.00/6.86/9.18

display mode: 128 * 64 dot matrix lcd

temperature compensation: 0– 100 ℃ manual/automatic (ntc10k)

signal output: 4-20ma isolation protection output maximum loop resistance 300ω

alarm output: each group of high-low alarm contacts (3a/250 v ac), normally open contact relays

power supply: ac 220v± 10% of 50 hz

power consumption: ≤ 3 w.

environmental conditions: (1) the temperature of 0 ~ 60 ℃ (2) the humidity & le; 85% rh

dimensions: 96× 96 & times; 110 mm (high & times; wide & times; deep)

opening size: 92× 92 mm (high & times; wide)