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the wgz-xt bacterial turbidity meter is mainly used to measure the concentration of bacteria in the suspension of the strain to be identified. the instrument was calibrated with (baso4) mcfarland standard solution and mcfarland mcfarland unit. the metric turbidity value is directly shown. it is suitable for the determination of bacteria and bacteria concentration in medical and health units, biological products, quarantine institutions and scientific research institutions.

principle of instrument:

the basic principle of the instrument is measuring device in the sample, made by light beam, when meeting bacteria particles form the scattered light, the resulting 90 ° of scattered light mcnamara turbidity signal received by photosensitive element, optical signal after amplification circuit and single chip microcomputer data processing shows that measured mcintosh turbidity value.

key description:

correction key: enter the correction state and correct the null value

confirm key: confirm the previous operation

storage key: save the measured value

query key: query saved measurements

iv. instrument features:

product features

1. microcomputer, touch keyboard and lcd backlight lcd display make the reading more comfortable and free from the influence of natural light

2. set the average measurement mode quickly to get the correct data in the shortest time.

3. simple operation and appropriate measurement range and high cost performance are more suitable for various industries.

4. unique positioning structure and high-precision optical path system can effectively ensure the correctness and repeatability of the measured values.

5. low drift, high accuracy and good stability of the circuit system, as well as high efficiency and long life light source, can effectively ensure the instrument to work stably for a long time

6. can store 20 historical records without loss of power

technical indicators

product model

wgz - xt

the minimum value

0.001 mcf

measuring range

0 ~ 6mcf (mcs turbidity unit)

1 mcf = 3 x 108 cfu/ml

error value



0.5% or less

zero drift

plus or minus 0.5% f.s

product features

bacterial turbidity analysis, direct reading (mcf) mcs turbidity units.

the working conditions

1. the instrument should be kept in dry room, using temperature 5 ℃ to 35 ℃.

2.. it should be placed on the flat surface of the working table and avoid vibration.

3. indoor lighting should not be too strong, and avoid direct sunlight exposure.

4. keep away from high-intensity magnetic field, electric field and electrical equipment where high-frequency waves occur.

avoid high temperature access to the instrument.

6. power supply to the instrument: 220v plus or minus 22v, 50 plus or minus 1hz, and must be fitted with a good grounding line.