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phosphorus is a key element in water eutrophication. in order to protect water quality and control hazards, total phosphorus has been included in the monitoring project.

total phosphorus consists of water dissolved, suspended, organophosphorus and inorganic phosphorous, and thus dissolves unfiltered water samples. digestion is the process of transforming phosphorus into soluble inorganic phosphate in water. there are many ways to resolve the problem, and users can choose by themselves according to the procedures. total phosphorus detector can measure the content of inorganic phosphate in dissolved water solution.

principle of detector:

the instrument uses the principle of photoelectron colorimetry to replace the traditional visual colorimetry. the artificial error is eliminated, so the measurement resolution is greatly improved.

technical indicators:

1. measurement range: 0-1.5mg/l

2. power supply voltage: 220v

3. resolution: 0.01mg/l

4. repeatability: 3%

5. linear error: / - (5% fs 1 word)