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portable ammonia nitrogen tester ad-82b


the sources of ammonia nitrogen in the water are mainly the decomposition products of nitrogen-containing organics under the action of microorganism in the domestic sewage, some industrial wastewater, such as coking wastewater and wastewater from synthetic ammonia fertilizer plant, and field drainage. in addition, in anaerobic environment, nitrite in water can also be reduced to ammonia by microbial action. in aerobic conditions, ammonia can also be converted to nitrite or even to nitrite. the determination of various nitrogen compounds in water can help to evaluate the status of water pollution and self-purification. when the content of ammonia nitrogen is high, it can be toxic to fish.

principle of detector:

this instrument uses the principle of photoelectron colorimetry to replace the traditional visual colorimetry. the artificial error is eliminated, so the measurement resolution is greatly improved.

technical indicators:

1. measurement range: 0.02-25mg/l

2. power supply voltage:

portable: 1.5v x 5 aa alkaline dry batteries,

ac 220v/50hz/ dc7.5v / 0.2a power adapter for automatic shutdown and ac/dc.

desktop: ac 220v/50hz

3. resolution: 0.01mg/l

4. repeatability: less than or equal to 3%

5. linear error: / - (3% fs)