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cod rapid digestion apparatus cod-25cod rapid digestion apparatus cod-25

the cod-25 digestion apparatus is a laboratory apparatus specially equipped with qw-cod-t chemical oxygen demand analyzer for sample digestion.

main features of the instrument

with compact structure, 25 sample digestion reactions can be performed simultaneously, which greatly reduces energy consumption.

only 3ml water sample and 7.5ml special reagent in the test tube can save a lot of reagents.

the solution method of sealing micro-reflux is adopted without condensation of condensed water.

digestion temperature 45-190 ℃ set arbitrary, and overtemperature alarm device, easy to use.

the digestion time is 0 to 720 minutes, and it will be automatically closed after the reaction. the operation is simple.

each tube has been tested for resistance to pressure and heat and is safe and reliable.

technical indicators and parameters

temperature control: 45 ℃ ~ 190 ℃;

digestion time: 0 minutes ~720 minutes;

temperature: of error of plus or minus 2 ℃;

uniform temperature field: 2 ℃ or less;

using the environment temperature: 5 ~ 40 ℃

ambient humidity: less than 85rh

supply voltage: ac220v plus or minus 10% (50hz plus or minus 2hz)