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desk type dissolved oxygen meter jpb-605

model no. : jpb-605

a dissolved oxygen meter measures the amount of oxygen dissolved in an aqueous solution. oxygen is dissolved in water by surrounding air, air flow, and photosynthesis.

technical parameters

main features:

dot matrix backlight lcd display

automatic temperature compensation and fast response time

dissolved oxygen electrode (polarographic coated type)

main technical indexes:

1. measurement range:

dissolved oxygen :(0.0 ~ 20.0)mg/l

the temperature (0 ~ 40 ° c)

2. basic error:

dissolved oxygen: plus or minus 0.3mg/l

temperature: 1 ° c for

3. residual current: not greater than 0.15mg/l

4, the response time: not more than 30 s (20 ° c at 90% response)

5, automatic temperature compensation scope: (0 ~ 40 ° c)

6. power source: dc general power (9v ~ 15v, 300ma, inside positive, outside negative)

7. external dimension (mm) : 220 x 200 x 85

8. weight: 1.5kg