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characteristics of instrument

1. pxs-k type potassium ion concentration meter is produced by using the single chip microcomputer technology, which makes the operation simple and convenient, and the digital display is intuitive and correct.

2. the instrument has the functions of manual temperature compensation and automatic temperature compensation (when the temperature electrode is connected, the instrument enters automatic temperature compensation and displays the current temperature; when the temperature electrode is not connected, the instrument enters the manual temperature compensation, and the instrument displays the manual temperature setting value. the temperature electrode belongs to the selective key. if the user needs it, it should be presented when ordering.

3. besides the pk value display, the instrument also has the potassium ion concentration display function.

4. instrument appearance is beautiful and lightweight.

main technical parameters

1. measurement range:

a) pk value :(0.00 ~ 6.00) pk;

b) k concentration: 0 ~ 39g/l.

c) mv value :(-1800 ~ 1800) mv.

2. resolution: 0.01 pk.

3. external dimension: 200 x 210 x 70

4. weight: 1.5kg