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industrial online ph electrode

ph electrode features

1. use internationally advanced solid dielectric and large area of teflon liquid interface, easy to block and easy to maintain

2. the long range reference diffusion path greatly extends the service life of the electrode in harsh environment

3. pps/pc enclosure and upper and lower 3/4npt pipe threads are adopted, which is easy to install and requires no jacket, saving installation cost

4. the electrode adopts high-quality low-noise cable, which can make the signal output longer than 40 meters and no interference

5. there is no need to supplement the dielectric, and the maintenance quantity is small

6. high measurement accuracy, fast response and good repeatability

7. ag/agcl reference electrode with silver ions

8. long service life for correct operation

9. can be mounted sideways or vertically in reaction tanks or pipes

10. electrodes can be used interchangeably with similar foreign electrodes.

use and maintain ph electrode

1. there is an appropriate amount of 3.3m kcl solution in the protective bottle at the front end of the electrode, which is soaked in the electrode head to keep the activation of the glass bulb and the liquid interface. when measuring, loosen the protective bottle, pull out the electrode and wash it with deionized water.

2. before the measurement, the bubble inside the glass bubble should be shaken out, otherwise the measurement error will be caused. during the measurement, the electrode should be placed after stirring in the test solution to accelerate the response.

3. check whether the joint is dry and clean. if there is any stain, it shall be cleaned with anhydrous alcohol and blown dry before use.

4. it is recommended to calibrate the electrode with a two-point method. normally, the electrode should be calibrated with a ph 6.86 buffer first, and the slope should be determined with a ph 4.01 or a ph 9.18 buffer.

5. after using, clean the electrode and insert it into the protective bottle and screw the cap, so as to prevent the solution from leaking out.

6. the electrode should be cleaned regularly. if the glass bulb of the electrode and the ring liquid of teflon are polluted, the following reagents can be used for cleaning. a. surfactant cleaning. b. calcium precipitate or metal hydroxide can be cleaned with 10% diluted hydrochloric acid. c. sulfide precipitation can be cleaned with 10% diluted hydrochloric acid. d. protein attachments can be cleaned with a mixture of 10% diluted hydrochloric acid and pepsin.

matters needing attention

1. please do not put ph electrode directly into water. the electrode mounting bracket or circulation ring should be used. (for submersible or circulating installations)

2. please use raw material tape (3/4 thread) before installation to make waterproof sealing, so as to avoid water entering into ph electrode, resulting in ph electrode electricity

the cable shorted.

3. after the electrode is connected to the instrument, please charge the instrument for preheating for 30 minutes before performing the correction.

4. when calibrating the working electrode, it should be noted that the electrode should not be laid flat and should be placed vertically into the standard liquid. (please lower the electrode glass bulb)

protect the mv data of the electrode from deviation.

various installation methods:

() 1. side mounting () 2. top flange mounting () 3. pipe mounting

() 4. top plug installation () 5. sinking installation () 6. flow installation