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    ph electrode with teflon shell

    the electrode is made of low impedance glass sensitive film, which can be applied to ph measurement under various conditions. good reproducibility, not easy hydrolysis, basic elimination of alkali error; the reference system composed of ag/agcl and gel electrolyte salt bridge has stable semi-battery potential and excellent anti-pollution performance. the annular polytetrafluoroethylene diaphragm is not easy to block, which can be directly matched with ph instruments at home and abroad.

    scope of application:

    1. the electrode can be used in conjunction with various acidity meters.

    2. the electrode shall adopt the terminal mode and be equipped with standard 3/4 inch thread.

    3. the normal service life of the electrode is one year, which will be shortened due to poor environment or improper maintenance


    1. during measurement, wash the distilled water (or deionized water) first, and dry the water with filter paper to prevent impurities from entering the tested liquid

    the electrode bulb and liquid clump should be completely immersed in the tested liquid.

    2. when the electrode is not used, it should be washed and inserted with a protective cover with 3.5m potassium chloride solution, or inserted with the electrode and added 3.5m chlorination

    a container of potassium solution.

    3. check whether the terminals are dry. if stained, please wipe with anhydrous alcohol and use after blowing.

    4. avoid long-term immersion in distilled water or protein solution and avoid contact with silicone grease.

    5. if the electrode is used for a long time, its glass film may become transparent or with sediment. at this time, it can be washed with hydrochloric acid and

    rinse with water.

    6. it is recommended that the user clean the electrode once a month and cooperate with the instrument calibration.

    7. if the electrode is maintained and maintained by the above methods, the calibration procedure and normal measurement cannot be performed, indicating that the electrode is no longer available

    to restore the response, replace the electrode.

    pressure resistance: 0.6mp mounting dimension: upper and lower 3/4npt pipe threads

    material: teflon connection: low noise cable leads directly