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the instrument features

1. adopt internal absorption homogeneous structure with high speed. it can be used to extract the immiscible liquid homogenate, emulsify, trace organic compound in water, lipid solute and soluble organic solvent.

2. homogenate and mix the tissues of various animals and plants.

3. it can rupture the cell membrane to the nuclear separation and break the dna strand at different speeds, or break the macromolecules into small molecules. 4. it can be used as a mixer at low speed.

5. digital display of rotation speed and intuitive reading.

technical parameters

motor speed: 22,000 rpm

1. large homogeneous knife: 300-18000 rotations/min

2. small homogeneous knife: 300-23,000 rpm

3. continuous work :≤ 5 minutes

4. power :200w

5. power supply voltage :220v± 10% 5 ohz

6, environment temperature: - 10 ~ 45 ℃

7. total machine weight :8kg

8. appearance size :300 mm× 220 mm× 500 mm

9. up and down stroke :170mm

instrument use

instrument on the level of the worktable, the required homogeneous tool installed, ma chine with containing water cup or vessel, first make the plum flower head submerged in water, open the power switch, knob from slow to fast regulating speed, no obvious metal friction sound (such as metal friction sound, shut off the switch, loosen the tool to a fixed set of random turn up to install in place, then tighten). work is done.

cut the plant or organism to be tested into small pieces or pieces and place them in the randomly equipped glassware. adjust the fixing motor seat knob and slowly align it with the mouth of the container and move it down to make the homogenized head 1 to 2cm from the bottom of the container. tighten the fixing motor knob again.

equipment maintenance

tool for vulnerable parts to be repaired or replaced.

when finished, remove the cutter and rinse it with clean water.

note: please pay attention to safety when this machine is running at high speed.

machine list:

1. fj200s host 1; 2. one copy of specification, warranty card and qualification certificate;

3. one stainless steel leveling knife; 4. one small stainless steel homogenate;