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jb-500d number shows strong power electric mixer

thank you for using the product of qi wei instrument. in order to better serve you, please carefully read this instruction manual before use, and keep the instruction manual and purchase machine invoice properly. hangzhou qiwei instrument co., ltd. after-sales service department will provide you timely and thoughtful after-sales service.

an overview,

jb series laboratory digital display constant speed timing mixer is composed of a main engine with high starting torque, high rotating speed, soft mechanical properties and low noise reduction mechanisms, and is equipped with microcomputer type digital display timing control instruments, which makes the product has the characteristics of large output power, low noise, reliable operation, stable speed regulation and convenient operation. it is suitable for heavy industry, light industry, chemical industry, pharmacy, keyi and other production enterprises.

working principle

this equipment adopts electronic constant force speed regulating line, digital directly shows the rotating shaft speed. it can adapt to different test requirements in the laboratory, and can directly calculate the relationship between stirring, dispersing, linear speed and chemical reaction rate according to the speed of rotation axis, so as to provide correct process data for mass production.

driven by the high speed of the motor, the stirring head of the machine produces high speed of rotary tangential line. under the action of huge centrifugal force, the material produces strong hydraulic shear and high frequency mechanical effect, which makes the fluid material bear thousands of shear and high frequency mechanical effect per minute, thus achieving efficiency mixing, dispersion and efficiency.

scope of application and main technical parameters

this machine is suitable for testing liquid material in container.

main technical parameters:

the output power
rated voltage/frequency
220v 50hz
speed range
stir bar
the net weight

main structure

the machine is mainly composed of the following parts:

1, motor

2. intelligent control instrument (touch key, control speed at will)

3. stainless steel stirring rod

open supports.

5. fixation clamp

v. installation and maintenance

1. install the bracket, fix the motor fixing block to the bracket, and insert the support bar behind the motor of the mixer into the fixing block above the bracket. there is a drill chuck under the motor. take out the standard stirring slurry from the accessory box. insert one end of the slurry into the drill chuck and fasten it with the drill chuck lock.

2. connect the motor with the five-core aviation plug on the governor (pay attention to the notch direction). turn on the power, turn on the power switch, wait for the display to reset to zero, and then press the touch button to increase or decrease as required.

3. this motor is a series excitation commutator motor. sparks are generated when the brush is turned. explosion - proof workshop should not be used.

4. check the power supply, regulator, fuse and motor brush if motor does not turn during operation. if the governor is damaged, if you can't repair by yourself, please send to our factory for repair or note.

5. if the rotating speed is greater than 2000r/min, it is not suitable to open the air compressor.

6. when the motor carbon brush is smaller than 10mm, it should be replaced.

7. in the process of use, protective articles must be worn to prevent material ejection and accidents.

instructions of intelligent motor speed control system

intelligent motor speed control instrument

intelligent motor speed controller adopts intelligent control technology to realize stepless speed regulation of series connected motor. using digital pid technology, high control accuracy, simple system structure, stable and reliable.

main technical indexes:

1. power supply voltage ac220v/50hz

2. speed control range: 100-2000 r/min

3. measurement resolution: 50r/min

4. control accuracy

5. transition time :<8s

6. set speed step :100r/min

7. applicable motor power: no more than 550w (motor of qi wei instrument)

the control system and the motor (mechanical part) are separated from each other, and the two parts are connected by a five-core cable. the rear board of the case is a five-core socket and input/output fuse, and each pin of the five-core socket is defined as: 1, 2, 3 connected photoelectric sensor: 4, 5 -- connected series motor. the other end of the five-core cable is the photoelectric sensor. when the cable is connected, connect two empty leads at the same end of the photoelectric sensor with the motor lead, plug in the five-core socket on the rear board of the case, and the power supply can be connected for normal use.

operation instructions:

1. turn on the power supply, turn on the power switch, and the indicator on the power switch is on:

2. the system self-checks and the display window is displayed from "9" to "0". after the self-check is normal, two buttons on the panel can be pressed to control the motor speed.

3. press the "up" or "down" button, and the window displays the setting speed value.

motor rotation changes in real time. when the setting value reaches the required motor speed, stop operating the ammonium key, and the measured motor speed value will be displayed in the window 2 seconds later:

4. when the test is stopped, press "lower" button to gradually reduce the set speed value to "0", the motor will stop running slowly, or the power switch can be turned off directly.

note: the five-core socket at the back of the controller should be plugged and unplugged after power off.

common faults and troubleshooting:

1. no display on the panel: if the motor switch indicator is not on, please check whether the power supply is normal.

2. the motor does not turn: the output fuse (5a) is broken, please replace it by yourself: if the output fuse is frequently burned, please check whether the motor load is too heavy, and whether the rotating parts are stuck or not, and remove it.

3. the motor speed automatically rises to the maximum and cannot be controlled: first, check whether the gap of the photoelectric sensor is too large: if the fault cannot be cleared after the above inspection, remove the photoelectric sensor, observe whether there is too much dust in the sensor groove, and re-install it correctly after proper cleaning.

4. unstable rotating speed, too big fluctuation: firstly, check whether the power supply voltage is relatively stable; whether the motor load fluctuates too much; whether the stirring head is empty; slowly rotate the speed measuring plate by hand for a week; observe whether the gap between the speed measuring plate and the photoelectric sensor is even.

user notes:

our company produces constant speed mixer, the quality is reliable, the prestige is first, the customer is supreme, within one year from the date of purchase, in addition to the vulnerable parts (brush, mixing pulp) or human damage, all carry out the warranty, when the user warranty, please show to buy machine proof, our company will provide excellent service.