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an overview of the

fs400d high speed laboratory dispersing machine is a new high performance product developed by qi wei instrument according to the development trend of international advanced dispersing equipment. the equipment integrates the function of dispersion and agitation, and the two processes of dispersion and homogenization are completed by a machine and a container. high efficiency, good mixing effect and easy cleaning. manual lifting is simple and convenient. it is widely used in dispersing and mixing materials in liquids such as factories, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities and medical institutions.

the working principle of

this equipment adopts electronic constant force speed regulating line, digital direct display rotating shaft speed, and is equipped with dispersing impeller and abrasive disc. it can adapt to different test requirements in the laboratory, and can calculate the linear speed and material viscosity of stirring, dispersing and abrasive disc directly according to the displayed speed of rotating shaft

the relation between chemical reaction rate and chemical reaction rate provides correct process data for mass production.

driven by the high speed of motor, the dispersing head of the machine produces high speed of rotary tangential line. under the action of huge centrifugal force, the material produces strong hydraulic shear and high frequency mechanical effect, which makes the fluid material bear thousands of shear and high frequency mechanical effect per minute, thus achieving efficiency mixing, dispersing and homogeneous effect.

working principle diagram:

scope of application and main technical parameters

this machine is suitable for testing liquid material in container.

the main technical parameters are as follows:

model no. : fs400d

motor power: 400w

treatment quantity: 2-5kg (water as medium)

medium viscosity: below 10000cp

speed range: 100-8000r/min

stirring dispersion impeller diameter: ¢50 mm ¢60 mm

sand mill diameter: ¢60 mm

overall dimensions (length x width x height) : 450 x 400 x 800

net weight: 25 kg

the main structure

the machine is mainly composed of the following parts:

1, motor

2. intelligent controller, stepless speed regulation

3. main engine (disperse shaft)

4. drawing cylinder (volume can be customized according to the needs of users)

5. lifting support.

6. fixed screw rod of frame