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2023-08-31 13:11

through respiration and decomposition, dissolved oxygen will be consumed in water, and the dissolved oxygen meter mainly relies on air and photosynthesis to supplement. the amount of oxygen in water depends mainly on the temperature. warm water has a lower oxygen concentration than cold water. but high levels of dissolved oxygen can be harmful to plants and animals.

the dissolved oxygen meter can be used to measure the dissolved oxygen content in the aqueous solution of the tested sample on site or in the laboratory. since dissolved oxygen is one of the main indicators of water quality, dissolved oxygen electrodes can be widely used to measure dissolved oxygen content in various occasions, especially in aquaculture water, photosynthesis, respiration and field measurement. in assessing the ability of streams and lakes to support biological survival, a biochemical oxygen demand test (bod) is performed to measure the decay of an oxygen-consuming organic sample solution and to determine the relationship between dissolved oxygen concentration and the temperature of the sample solution.